In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wax Photo Competition!

To those who enjoy my images involving the erotic use of wax...

Vote for my photos at Erotic Sensations for their wax photo contest -- I'm the model for numbers 19-31, but 25 is my personal favorite! Please vote! It's free to vote, you can do it once a day per email address, and I would greatly appreciate it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Runner-up Winner of the PervyPerv "Moment in Time" Erotica Contest!

The following was my submission of erotica for the PervyPerv "Moment in Time" contest on FetLife. It was the runner-up winner for the month of April. The idea was that, since a picture says a thousand words, we were to either submit a photo, (which Bob did do, but it did not place, unfortunately,) or a piece of erotica in a thousand words or less, that captures a single moment in time. Since I take pleasure in arranging words creatively, I decided to attempt to capture a single moment in time, in exactly one thousand words. Here's the result:

Enraged from the unnecessary patience that I had been forced to expend upon my subject as he stumbled his way to the bed, I inhaled the stench of liquor and cigar smoke from the strip club reeking on his clothes from across the room. When I looked at him, he was a grotesque portrait of the man he might have been the day before. That man had worshipped my body and my body alone. When his eyes met mine, I saw that the man before me was one who had become impatient, and in his waiting state, his lust for a Moroccan poledancer walking into her workplace while I was still out took over and drove him to follow her with his credit card in hand. This man let himself forget about his loyalties, and now lay before me in a drunken stupidity, unaware of what ramifications his actions had.

From the blissful look upon his face, it was immediately clear to me just how little he knew that I was capable of damaging him. He was too eerily calm and tranquil while I was tying him down to have possibly been conscious about any of it. It wasn’t until he felt his own bullwhip smacking against his exposed thighs that he even so much as glanced in my direction, and when he did, something snapped inside of me. His blue eyes softened to plead with me when he felt the powerful sting, and my bright eyes turned cold as I made my transformation into the merciless mistress he never before realized he needed. I felt my newfound responsibility to teach him what it means to take advantage of another human being. He had taken advantage of every woman who had ever laughed at his jokes, every woman who had ever shared a cab with him, and every woman who fell for the innocent look in his pair of baby blues that he had so masterfully perfected the ability to present on cue after years and years of practice, but he would never get the best of me. He had tormented women I knew and cared for, and by not realizing that I already knew exactly what he’d done, he made it easy for me to turn the table on him.

Now was my chance. Now, with his limbs stretched to their limits and tied neatly to the legs of the bed, I stood over him with all the power in the world to alter his destiny. I could easily have killed him, walked away calmly, and never been caught. After all, the concierge didn’t know where I was from or what I was doing in Paris. No one in this hotel down the street from the Moulin Rouge had any way of knowing where I would go or how I intended to get there. It could have been so easy, if I didn’t long for his survival and remorse.

So I remained at the edge of the bed that was ours for the night, I stood proudly in my tight vinyl dress and fishnet catsuit with a sense of superiority over the helpless and intoxicated man who looked at me in fear. For perhaps the first time in his entire existence, a woman was able to make him feel inferior. I basked in the glory of being that woman. I inhaled all of his wretched odor, and I withdrew the pitiful glances from his eyes as he hoped that they would change my mind. In my perfect make-up and five inch stilettos, I was a queen and the man struggling beneath me was my servant.

The second that the whip made contact with his flesh, everything he thought he knew about women changed. In that brief period of time when our eyes met, I sucked out every ounce of power he thought he had and claimed it for myself. Now, after the notion of taking over him had transformed itself into a real, solid fact, before the thin leather tail even lifted from the space that was mere inches from his limp manhood, I allowed my transformation into a dominant sexual temptress commence. I gave permission to the lioness who’d been clawing at my intestines to finally come out of my gut, into my mind, and through the flick of my wrist that held this glorious black weapon of degradation and destruction.

I became one with the prowling creature who had been living inside of me, suppressed, for all these years. I looked down over my prey and instinctively realized that my survival depended upon my ability to devour him thoroughly. I needed to have him immobilized, in anticipation of the worst, unable to ask any questions or open his mouth to scream. It was my duty to bring him beyond what he conceived to be his limits and to the edge of his real boundaries so that he could learn to submit.

While his eyes were still pleading with me, he was not only unable to convince me to release him, but also unable to demonstrate that he might be worthy of release. Those eyes had practiced widening themselves to soften the hearts of his conquests time and time before, and I was not yet willing to believe in their potential sincerity. He had not suffered enough to know what it means to beg. He had not endured enough to understand the true virtue of patience. He had not experienced enough to learn how some one else may know what he needs better than even he, himself, thinks that he needs.

I was the one who knew his needs. He needed to learn selflessness. He needed to feel remorse. Above all else, he needed to learn to submit. Somehow, I knew this about him. In my brief time with him, I was able to see this need, acknowledge this need, test this need, and now begin to meet it. There, towering over him, the whip completed its lash.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discovering the Gold Standard

Over the past five years, I have owned, experimented with, enjoyed, and even shared a combined total of eight different vibrators. The earliest versions are no longer in my possession, after having been worn out or gifted to friends and lovers, but some still remain. Of those remaining, some are a little sad. As batteries die and the motors stop working as well as they used to, frustration and sadness build every time that I turn them on and they don't return the favor as effectively as they used to. Thus, when confronted with three of my once-favored battery-operated items in the world, looking down on them, a feeling of helplessness takes over as I sit there, naked and in need.

Then, after sharing my misfortune with one of my dear friends, he does something truly wonderful for me: He gives me the gift of new adult toys. My faith in the rabbit is restored when a newer, shinier, gold one arrives in the mail with my name on it. Somehow, it manages to be even better than I remember. All of my recent let-downs and anxiety are put to rest when I am finally satisfied once again. Hence, the satisfied grin of a woman who has experienced the Gold Standard. (Well, Gold Standard Jack Rabbit, that is.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage-inspired portrait

Like what you see?

You could enjoy it every day, in your very own home, if you order prints of the wonderful images of my modeling, captured by RT Photography! Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to dispense images created by other photographers who I have worked with, but since the majority of my work comes from Bob's studio, you can benefit from ordering from us!
Check out our gallery on Deviant Art and click your way into owning one of our beautiful photographs. All profits are shared between the two of us equally, so you will be supporting each of us directly. Is there an image posted here or on another one of my online profiles that you want to buy, but you don't see it posted on Deviant Art? Like my style and want to request a custom-made and developed photograph of my modeling your ideas? Just leave a comment here to request that we make an image available, all are watermarked with the RT Photography copyright, and it will be done as soon as possible. For requests, compliments, and other communications, either comment and I will receive an email notification, or send me a message yourself to

Thank you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Snow Nudes

In spite of Bob's declaration that he'd gotten enough snow nude shots for his project, my thirst for adventure in the winter wonderland behind his studio was not yet quenched. As fun as shibari and latex may be, I wanted to have more than just bondage and fetish themes in the snow. Thus, I was able to "twist his arm" into shooting his original vision: artistic nudes and implied nudes in the snow.

Of course, having a slight addiction to high heeled shoes, I wasn't able to let my feet go without them for most of the shoot. I came prepared with a small selection of my accessory collection, ready to showcase a few pairs of shoes with long scarves that match their color. We didn't play, I mean, "work," in the snow for very long, but it was long enough to capture some very lovely images. Here are a couple that I hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dildos and Corsets and Heels -- Oh My!

Yet again, Bob at RT Photography has delivered more extraordinary work! In this photo, not only did he capture and create the photograph itself, but he also transformed my idea of adding a dildo to a high heel into a reality. Due to the nature of our professional relationship, which has developed into a rare friendship between fun-loving and creative individuals, we simply had to celebrate this creation with a photo shoot! Of course, modeling the pair of shiny, fabulous heels wasn't enough for me. I had to have a corset, too. Once the grommets were clasped together, laces pulled taught to draw in my waistline, I was ready to top off my perfectly smooth, shaven, silky legs with a treat that they deserved: Dildo heels. I just love the look of shiny black patent leather against my creamy skin. Who ever said that we can't have it all? Clearly, that person never met me...

Continued Adventures in Candlelight

Due to the rise in popularity of my work with candles as posted on other sites, beautifully captured by RT Photography on numerous occasions, I've finally decided to post a wider selection of it here.

The fact that I am a fetishist and pleasure fiend with an exhibitionist streak makes me very different from a lot of the other models who are out there. Obviously, I am far from the only individual who choses to work with fetish and erotic themes, but I am unique because I take pride and pleasure in my work, and won't work on anything that isn't enjoyable to me. Fortunately, I am interested in a wide variety of things, but my specialties are corsetry, latex, and wax. The tight, smooth textures feel incredible against my skin, and I love to explore new ways to artistically display the things that I love. My hope is that others find them as beautiful as I do.
Concerning wax, specifically, I have been blessed with the great fortune of working with Bob regularly, and wax has become our favorite thing to shoot. I have been used as a human candelabra in a variety of poses, have transformed my breasts into candles twice, and have enjoyed every second of dripping hot wax and the imagery that comes from working with it. Our collaborative efforts with wax from our very first shoot have already paid off with our acceptance to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and hopefully more of our images will be appreciated by viewers, art enthusiasts, and kinky individuals from all walks of life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

In the middle of a long day of shooting, a glorious realization was made: The light that comes in through the upstairs bathroom window towards the end of the afternoon is absolutely beautiful. Upon making this discovery, I called in my good friend Bob from the other room, and he came to the same conclusion that I did: we HAD to move to the bathroom to shoot a sequence in there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cuffed, Corseted, Collared, Confined, and Caged

After several months of hearing wonderful things about a place called the Rochester Kink Society, (also known as RKS,) Bob and I set out to attend a photo-friendly play party in their dungeon...

We arrived in our vanilla clothes, and while Bob held onto his camera and observed the beginnings of the event, I got changed into a pair of thigh-high fishnet stockings, my favorite pair of black patent leather five-inch stilettos, my beloved black under-bust corset, and a bra and panty set with garter clips. After some snug lacing and application of a fresh cherry-colored lipstick coat, I felt sexy and sensual. I wanted to observe and be observed, take in the smell of leather and the sight of whips and chains. As soon as I realized that I felt more at home in the dungeon in less than an hour than I had felt at home in my dorm room when I first started college for weeks, I told Bob that I was ready for my close-up. I wanted to put myself on display for anyone who cared to watch in the safety of RKS and get it captured on film. Fetish exhibitionism at its finest... and that was only my first time!

Winter Slip 'N' Slide

As a lover of latex and winter, I've been curious as to how it would feel to suit up -- rubber style -- and explores the glimmering white wonders of nature when I think it's best. As a result, the following images were captured by the talented eye behind the lens of RT Photography:

Slithering through the lifeless brush

Sliding through a smooth, wet, open area

Barbed Wire Warrior!

A beautiful blonde princess escaped the palace to run wild and free in the woods, only to find her silk gowns and organza petticoats in ruins around her. She was exposed to the elements, the fearsome creatures of the wild that lurk in the shadows, and the many men who wanted nothing more than to take advantage of her vulnerable state. She knew that she could not survive very long without a thick skin, and when she came across a hunter who was extracting a half-dead animal encased in a mess of barbed wire, she took it upon herself to fight him off and free the tiny, helpless deer. At first, the hunter thought that it would be an easy feat, taking in a luscious lady and a delicious dinner that both happened to cross his path, but the princess wouldn't let that happen. After using her sexuality to lure him in, she stole his sword, freed the creature, and wrapped the cruel hunter in some of the wire that remained on the ground.

She would have let them both go in peace, were it not for the wicked words and evidently base intentions that came from the hunter. Once she had him exactly where she wanted him, bound in barbed wire and begging for mercy, she showed him how a true warrior handles an attack. 

Emerging from the scene, without a drop of blood on her pale pink flesh, she proved herself to be stronger and tougher than any of her attackers. She is known and remembered for her self-made uniform of barbed wire and the enormous sword she now bears. Her royal blood races through her veins as she wards off the men who foolishly try to conquer her and claim them as their prize. Just like a rose, she may be beautiful, but beware of her ice-cold stare, and of course, the thorns...

Art Prints for Sale and Exhibition!

One of the many wonderful imaged created by the combined efforts of myself and my favorite photographer at RT Photography has been accepted for exhibition and sale to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival! It is a 24"x36" framed print of "Red Hot", featuring an up-close view of my very own bare breast, coasted in a dripping layer of warm, red wax on and around its partially exposed nipple. Please check out the link if you'd like to get an unmounted version of this print before May at a fraction of it's exposition sale price! Click here to get it now!

Casually Cooking Cupcakes

Alright, so I've been neglecting my blog over the past month, and am finally getting around to updating it  now! Although I have shot with a couple of new photographers, most of my work has been with Bob of RT Photography, who still remains my favorite photographer in the area. That said, here are some wonderful shots that we created together earlier this winter when I really wanted to find a way to bake cupcakes DURING a shoot -- the results were delicious. So were the cupcakes, too. :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latex Encasement

Several months passed between my sado-masochistic affair that was partially photographed and my next experience before a camera. Of course, I had taken some "artsy" vanilla photos with friends, as all teenage girls do, but I was still not working as a model or attempting to work with professionals at that point in time. Sadly, my interest in kink was closeted during these long months, as my desired partner lived thousands of miles away and I wasn't searching for anyone to take his place. The good news, though, is that my lust for all things tight and shiny remained strong, and I was able to spend a couple of weeks with the man I deeply loved and who generously provided me with my very first latex catsuit.

Rocket Boy, as I like to call him because he is as smart as a rocket scientist and as incredible as a superhero, shared many of the same interests as me, including latex. In fact, it was Rocket Boy who first pointed out that vinyl and latex are not at all the same things. 

Almost immediately, I fell in love with my first second skin of thin rubber. Without hesitation, I got dressed up and tried out some hoods, gas masks, and a latex corset with my smart and sexy superhero and his friend, Alex, and spent an afternoon taking photos together. The two of us had read Alex's blog about being an encasement fetishist at and the two of them had already met, so I was very excited for our rendez-vous. It was the first time that I had ever worn latex from head to toe, but far from the last! 

Myself with Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy, Me, Alex

The three of us managed our ways into the latex suits, shined them up, and transformed an ordinary living space into a small studio for latex lovers. I had the pleasure of being placed between two lubed-up men who stroked my second skin as the camera took its still shots of the experience we shared. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How it all began...

In case any of you are wondering how in the world one becomes a fetish model, I've decided to share my story. As I mentioned in my very first post, it happened by accidental introduction and included a couple of brief affairs with a friend who loved photography...

When I was eighteen, I acquired my first article of fetishwear by way of this new friend who had a camera and a desire to take pictures of me wearing it. I still have the skin-tight, vinyl and spandex dress that I mistakenly called "latex" when he bought it for me. We were just being silly and taking pictures in a sex shop, and I really wanted to try the dress on, and he bought it for me under one condition: I had to let him photograph me in it. Since the price for the dress was about the same as a full week's pay, I decided that it would be worth a few photos if I could keep it.

Fast forward to several months later, when I decided to spend three straight nights and mornings in a hotel room where I indulged myself in a carefully planned, secret affair in bondage experimentation with a forbidden lover, and I found myself before his lens as a part of his documentation of our involvement. I had met him before, we had enjoyed each others company and shared a few pleasurable experiences, and we decided to fulfill our fantasies once and for all.
Supplies for our kinky affair

Granted, there are certain things that I discovered that I did not enjoy even though the ideas intrigued me, like receiving lashes from a horse whip. In contrast, there were also things that I realized I enjoyed that I hadn't expected to enjoy, as they were his ideas and not my own. For example, I enjoyed punishing him with cock and ball torture after he told me that he was coming from a strip club where he got drunk in a private room with two exotic dancers. In addition to these discoveries, I found that I enjoyed being put on display while exposed for my nudity and fetish interests. The exhibitionist, fetishist, and nudist residing within me came together and became aroused in remembrance of the camera flashes as I posed playfully in the sex shop and again in private for my friend and my lover. It was over half of a year after my explicit three-night experience with bondage and photography ended that I found myself before the lens of some one else's camera again, and that's an experience worth telling separately...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexy Shoe Show

Stacked, stiletto, and spike heels in patent or matte finished leather, I'm in love with a sexy shoe. Moreover, I've fallen in love with dozens of pairs of them, and in spite of the fact that I wear them as often and in as many settings as possible, there have been far too little photos in existence to show them off properly. Thus, a session of shoe worship began at RT Studios.

It began with a little lingerie, but I managed to slip out of it almost immediately after we started. I wanted every inch of my naked body to appreciate my selection of favorites from my favorite category of wearable items: high heeled shoes. I gathered them into a pile and pressed them into my body, against my breasts, caressing my nipples with the rubber-tipped points. I spread them around me, put them on me, wore them on my feet, let them glide between my legs...

Eventually, I had to get up off the bed with my shoes, and go for a change of scenery. Once set up in the closet, several ideas were played with, sadly none of them nude, but I was too busy enjoying my footwear to care too much about the silly item of lace wrapped around my torso. I got it in my head that a closet is full of objects, and when they get messy, the objects fall -- so I poised myself in a way that mimicked falling out of the closet as an object. I let my body flop around into contortions among the mess of shoes that were spewed about before the open door, and the result was wonderful.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Razor and Pearls

Sometime after Christmas, while taking my first bubble bath in months, I was shaving my legs when I noticed how smoothly the razor cut through the foamy bubbles to leave behind nothing but touch-ably soft, pinkish skin. I admired the path of perfection surrounded by soapy spheres that gently popped around its path, and felt that it needed to be captured. As a result, Bob kindly allowed me to fill up his bathtub at the end of a long shoot, and without removing my pearls or make-up, I was able to recreate the moment when I first noticed how lovely such a simple, relaxed act of femininity can be.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nudist in Nature

As one might gather from both the title of this blog and some of the images already featured in it, I love to model nude, especially in outdoor settings. The first time that I met with Bob, the man behind the wonderful images at RT Photography, that's exactly what we did.

Little did I know, I'd get bored of playing in the leaves after an hour, and we would spend more than six straight hours together playing with a rusted old car, some wires, a pair of metal clamps, and some hot wax in his studio to top it all off. The progression from innocently playing in a big pile of leaves, tossing them carelessly up into the air, to laying down in the pile and caressing the leaves over my breasts and neck, to getting downright kinky over the course of a few short hours felt completely natural. Since the autumn "nature" was the theme that we were shooting around, how much more appropriate could I have been?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Warm, Wonderful Wax

Ever since I was a very little girl, when "play time" was always innocent and took place primarily in backyards, parks, and playgrounds, I have loved to temp my fate by passing my finger through a lit candle. Before I ever learned about carnal, sexual pleasures and the many ways that I would later explore indulging them, I knew that I loved to watch a flickering flame, feel it's warmth, and reach out to touch it. My parents used to scold me for playing with the candles when they left me alone with them lit on the Sunday dinner table. As I grew up, I became more and more brave, learned to make candles of my own with youth groups and farm museum workshops, and discovered a love of the feeling of hot wax against my skin.

Having such a strong sense memory of enjoyment when contacting melted wax led me to a teenage realization that this glorious sensation can be easily incorporated into my personal life. Candlelight may be considered romantic to the majority of the women I have known, but for me, the lighting is only a small factor of the experience. When a man seduced me by candlelight for the first time, at eighteen, I picked up a taper off his nightstand and tilted the tip so that it would drip down my arm, then over my breasts, and across my abdomen as he caressed my thighs and kissed them. From that day forward, my exploration into the wondrous sensual joys of wax has only furthered, and once I learned how to select the lowest-burning temperatures of paraffin possible, its use has always succeeded to heighten my pleasure...

Snow Shibari

This past weekend has been an eventful one for me, in which I attended two semi-local munches in the area and modeled my very first snow and shibari nudes -- combined into one shoot. (After all, if it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing, right?)
Upon arrival to our location, I remained in my fuzzy pink robe and warm snow boots to climb up a tree to pose for my wonderful photographer, Bob of RT Photography, who caught my robe as I tossed it away for the photo and helped me down and kept me relatively warm in between shots.

Once the vanilla work was done, we moved on to the excitement: Two shibari riggings done by the talented and kind soul who choses to be referenced as "Reiver." First, I stood over a blanket laid in the snow as he bound my breasts, arms, and upper body, then got down onto the blanket for the hogtie to be completed. Reiver and Bob carefully picked me up and gently placed me over a fresh spot of powdery snow, where we commenced a sequence of photographs. Being only the second time that I was immobilized before a camera lens, I struggled to poise myself upwards for my face to be visible and torso slightly upright.

As soon as was possible, I was replaced onto the soft blanket by the hands of the gentlemen pair, freed from the ties of bondage, and warmed with hot chocolate and coverings. Had I realized how unpleasant it would be to regain feeling from the numbness of my hands and feet, as well as face a brief fainting spell, I would have ended at this point and returned to the idea of winter suspension further down the road. Nevertheless, I was rebound and suspended from a nearby tree in an inverted position. The shooting went smoothly, but the ropes around my legs slipped slightly and my body strained some, so I was brought back up.
Lesson to be learned: An hour in 23ºF snow, bound and nude, ending in an inverted suspension, leads to fainting upon attempt to stand. Fortunately, I was in good hands, regained consciousness almost immediately, and warmed up enough to walk back to the car where we'd parked, and nothing traumatic resulted from it. What did result, though, is some pretty incredible and unique images that I am now able to share!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year -- New Experiences to Come

After an accidental introduction to erotic modeling, which just so happened to have began in a Parisian sex shop with an attractive acquaintance, his love of photography and my natural exhibitionism combined dangerously. I loved the rush I got from doing something crazy and allowing it to be documented, so it's not a big mystery as to why we had two brief affairs using his camera as a part of our kinky foreplay. Little did I know that I was going to use any of these photos for the beginnings of a portfolio in the future...
After I realized how much I enjoyed being photographed while I felt sexy, I agreed to do another photo shoot of entirely fetish content, specifically rubber encasement, with a man I loved deeply and a friend he'd made whose photos we enjoyed. With some online research and a huge boost of my ego resulting from the lust these two men had worked up just from looking through the images, it occurred to me that I could actually do this more than just once or twice a year. I agreed to meet with a local photographer soon after my sophomore year of college began, and we set up a test shoot in a cemetery. I had no idea what to do, how to pose, how long it would last, or if the photos would wind up being any good -- but miraculously, they were.
I put out a notice on FetLife, a wonderful social networking site for fetishists of all kinds, that I was available to work with photographers on the basis of simply using the images to build our portfolios, and got a few responses. Granted, over half of them creeped me out and weren't worth considering, but I got to shoot with a couple of decent photographers.
Once I'd done a few shoots, I was convinced to set up a profile on Model Mayhem, and also Model Insider, both of which still exist and function presently. Through these sites, I somehow managed to find a photographer whose style I adored and who also adored me so much that he wanted to pay me for doing what I was learning to love doing. From there, my little network of photographers began to grow a little, and now I'm being hired for shoots nearly every week. For a side job during college, I'd say I've found myself a pretty good one.
That's where I am now, looking forward to the rest of this new year and aiming to fill it with photo shoots full of everything from pin-up with stockings to ropes and wax... with a good deal of nudity in between. Next up, on the fifteenth, I will spend my entire Saturday outdoors in beautifully tied rope bondage known as "Shibari" against the cold, wet ground and tied to snow-covered tree limbs...