In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Monday, January 17, 2011

Warm, Wonderful Wax

Ever since I was a very little girl, when "play time" was always innocent and took place primarily in backyards, parks, and playgrounds, I have loved to temp my fate by passing my finger through a lit candle. Before I ever learned about carnal, sexual pleasures and the many ways that I would later explore indulging them, I knew that I loved to watch a flickering flame, feel it's warmth, and reach out to touch it. My parents used to scold me for playing with the candles when they left me alone with them lit on the Sunday dinner table. As I grew up, I became more and more brave, learned to make candles of my own with youth groups and farm museum workshops, and discovered a love of the feeling of hot wax against my skin.

Having such a strong sense memory of enjoyment when contacting melted wax led me to a teenage realization that this glorious sensation can be easily incorporated into my personal life. Candlelight may be considered romantic to the majority of the women I have known, but for me, the lighting is only a small factor of the experience. When a man seduced me by candlelight for the first time, at eighteen, I picked up a taper off his nightstand and tilted the tip so that it would drip down my arm, then over my breasts, and across my abdomen as he caressed my thighs and kissed them. From that day forward, my exploration into the wondrous sensual joys of wax has only furthered, and once I learned how to select the lowest-burning temperatures of paraffin possible, its use has always succeeded to heighten my pleasure...

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