In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How it all began...

In case any of you are wondering how in the world one becomes a fetish model, I've decided to share my story. As I mentioned in my very first post, it happened by accidental introduction and included a couple of brief affairs with a friend who loved photography...

When I was eighteen, I acquired my first article of fetishwear by way of this new friend who had a camera and a desire to take pictures of me wearing it. I still have the skin-tight, vinyl and spandex dress that I mistakenly called "latex" when he bought it for me. We were just being silly and taking pictures in a sex shop, and I really wanted to try the dress on, and he bought it for me under one condition: I had to let him photograph me in it. Since the price for the dress was about the same as a full week's pay, I decided that it would be worth a few photos if I could keep it.

Fast forward to several months later, when I decided to spend three straight nights and mornings in a hotel room where I indulged myself in a carefully planned, secret affair in bondage experimentation with a forbidden lover, and I found myself before his lens as a part of his documentation of our involvement. I had met him before, we had enjoyed each others company and shared a few pleasurable experiences, and we decided to fulfill our fantasies once and for all.
Supplies for our kinky affair

Granted, there are certain things that I discovered that I did not enjoy even though the ideas intrigued me, like receiving lashes from a horse whip. In contrast, there were also things that I realized I enjoyed that I hadn't expected to enjoy, as they were his ideas and not my own. For example, I enjoyed punishing him with cock and ball torture after he told me that he was coming from a strip club where he got drunk in a private room with two exotic dancers. In addition to these discoveries, I found that I enjoyed being put on display while exposed for my nudity and fetish interests. The exhibitionist, fetishist, and nudist residing within me came together and became aroused in remembrance of the camera flashes as I posed playfully in the sex shop and again in private for my friend and my lover. It was over half of a year after my explicit three-night experience with bondage and photography ended that I found myself before the lens of some one else's camera again, and that's an experience worth telling separately...

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