In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexy Shoe Show

Stacked, stiletto, and spike heels in patent or matte finished leather, I'm in love with a sexy shoe. Moreover, I've fallen in love with dozens of pairs of them, and in spite of the fact that I wear them as often and in as many settings as possible, there have been far too little photos in existence to show them off properly. Thus, a session of shoe worship began at RT Studios.

It began with a little lingerie, but I managed to slip out of it almost immediately after we started. I wanted every inch of my naked body to appreciate my selection of favorites from my favorite category of wearable items: high heeled shoes. I gathered them into a pile and pressed them into my body, against my breasts, caressing my nipples with the rubber-tipped points. I spread them around me, put them on me, wore them on my feet, let them glide between my legs...

Eventually, I had to get up off the bed with my shoes, and go for a change of scenery. Once set up in the closet, several ideas were played with, sadly none of them nude, but I was too busy enjoying my footwear to care too much about the silly item of lace wrapped around my torso. I got it in my head that a closet is full of objects, and when they get messy, the objects fall -- so I poised myself in a way that mimicked falling out of the closet as an object. I let my body flop around into contortions among the mess of shoes that were spewed about before the open door, and the result was wonderful.

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