In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

In the middle of a long day of shooting, a glorious realization was made: The light that comes in through the upstairs bathroom window towards the end of the afternoon is absolutely beautiful. Upon making this discovery, I called in my good friend Bob from the other room, and he came to the same conclusion that I did: we HAD to move to the bathroom to shoot a sequence in there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cuffed, Corseted, Collared, Confined, and Caged

After several months of hearing wonderful things about a place called the Rochester Kink Society, (also known as RKS,) Bob and I set out to attend a photo-friendly play party in their dungeon...

We arrived in our vanilla clothes, and while Bob held onto his camera and observed the beginnings of the event, I got changed into a pair of thigh-high fishnet stockings, my favorite pair of black patent leather five-inch stilettos, my beloved black under-bust corset, and a bra and panty set with garter clips. After some snug lacing and application of a fresh cherry-colored lipstick coat, I felt sexy and sensual. I wanted to observe and be observed, take in the smell of leather and the sight of whips and chains. As soon as I realized that I felt more at home in the dungeon in less than an hour than I had felt at home in my dorm room when I first started college for weeks, I told Bob that I was ready for my close-up. I wanted to put myself on display for anyone who cared to watch in the safety of RKS and get it captured on film. Fetish exhibitionism at its finest... and that was only my first time!

Winter Slip 'N' Slide

As a lover of latex and winter, I've been curious as to how it would feel to suit up -- rubber style -- and explores the glimmering white wonders of nature when I think it's best. As a result, the following images were captured by the talented eye behind the lens of RT Photography:

Slithering through the lifeless brush

Sliding through a smooth, wet, open area

Barbed Wire Warrior!

A beautiful blonde princess escaped the palace to run wild and free in the woods, only to find her silk gowns and organza petticoats in ruins around her. She was exposed to the elements, the fearsome creatures of the wild that lurk in the shadows, and the many men who wanted nothing more than to take advantage of her vulnerable state. She knew that she could not survive very long without a thick skin, and when she came across a hunter who was extracting a half-dead animal encased in a mess of barbed wire, she took it upon herself to fight him off and free the tiny, helpless deer. At first, the hunter thought that it would be an easy feat, taking in a luscious lady and a delicious dinner that both happened to cross his path, but the princess wouldn't let that happen. After using her sexuality to lure him in, she stole his sword, freed the creature, and wrapped the cruel hunter in some of the wire that remained on the ground.

She would have let them both go in peace, were it not for the wicked words and evidently base intentions that came from the hunter. Once she had him exactly where she wanted him, bound in barbed wire and begging for mercy, she showed him how a true warrior handles an attack. 

Emerging from the scene, without a drop of blood on her pale pink flesh, she proved herself to be stronger and tougher than any of her attackers. She is known and remembered for her self-made uniform of barbed wire and the enormous sword she now bears. Her royal blood races through her veins as she wards off the men who foolishly try to conquer her and claim them as their prize. Just like a rose, she may be beautiful, but beware of her ice-cold stare, and of course, the thorns...

Art Prints for Sale and Exhibition!

One of the many wonderful imaged created by the combined efforts of myself and my favorite photographer at RT Photography has been accepted for exhibition and sale to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival! It is a 24"x36" framed print of "Red Hot", featuring an up-close view of my very own bare breast, coasted in a dripping layer of warm, red wax on and around its partially exposed nipple. Please check out the link if you'd like to get an unmounted version of this print before May at a fraction of it's exposition sale price! Click here to get it now!

Casually Cooking Cupcakes

Alright, so I've been neglecting my blog over the past month, and am finally getting around to updating it  now! Although I have shot with a couple of new photographers, most of my work has been with Bob of RT Photography, who still remains my favorite photographer in the area. That said, here are some wonderful shots that we created together earlier this winter when I really wanted to find a way to bake cupcakes DURING a shoot -- the results were delicious. So were the cupcakes, too. :-)