In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Monday, March 21, 2011

Barbed Wire Warrior!

A beautiful blonde princess escaped the palace to run wild and free in the woods, only to find her silk gowns and organza petticoats in ruins around her. She was exposed to the elements, the fearsome creatures of the wild that lurk in the shadows, and the many men who wanted nothing more than to take advantage of her vulnerable state. She knew that she could not survive very long without a thick skin, and when she came across a hunter who was extracting a half-dead animal encased in a mess of barbed wire, she took it upon herself to fight him off and free the tiny, helpless deer. At first, the hunter thought that it would be an easy feat, taking in a luscious lady and a delicious dinner that both happened to cross his path, but the princess wouldn't let that happen. After using her sexuality to lure him in, she stole his sword, freed the creature, and wrapped the cruel hunter in some of the wire that remained on the ground.

She would have let them both go in peace, were it not for the wicked words and evidently base intentions that came from the hunter. Once she had him exactly where she wanted him, bound in barbed wire and begging for mercy, she showed him how a true warrior handles an attack. 

Emerging from the scene, without a drop of blood on her pale pink flesh, she proved herself to be stronger and tougher than any of her attackers. She is known and remembered for her self-made uniform of barbed wire and the enormous sword she now bears. Her royal blood races through her veins as she wards off the men who foolishly try to conquer her and claim them as their prize. Just like a rose, she may be beautiful, but beware of her ice-cold stare, and of course, the thorns...

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