In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year -- New Experiences to Come

After an accidental introduction to erotic modeling, which just so happened to have began in a Parisian sex shop with an attractive acquaintance, his love of photography and my natural exhibitionism combined dangerously. I loved the rush I got from doing something crazy and allowing it to be documented, so it's not a big mystery as to why we had two brief affairs using his camera as a part of our kinky foreplay. Little did I know that I was going to use any of these photos for the beginnings of a portfolio in the future...
After I realized how much I enjoyed being photographed while I felt sexy, I agreed to do another photo shoot of entirely fetish content, specifically rubber encasement, with a man I loved deeply and a friend he'd made whose photos we enjoyed. With some online research and a huge boost of my ego resulting from the lust these two men had worked up just from looking through the images, it occurred to me that I could actually do this more than just once or twice a year. I agreed to meet with a local photographer soon after my sophomore year of college began, and we set up a test shoot in a cemetery. I had no idea what to do, how to pose, how long it would last, or if the photos would wind up being any good -- but miraculously, they were.
I put out a notice on FetLife, a wonderful social networking site for fetishists of all kinds, that I was available to work with photographers on the basis of simply using the images to build our portfolios, and got a few responses. Granted, over half of them creeped me out and weren't worth considering, but I got to shoot with a couple of decent photographers.
Once I'd done a few shoots, I was convinced to set up a profile on Model Mayhem, and also Model Insider, both of which still exist and function presently. Through these sites, I somehow managed to find a photographer whose style I adored and who also adored me so much that he wanted to pay me for doing what I was learning to love doing. From there, my little network of photographers began to grow a little, and now I'm being hired for shoots nearly every week. For a side job during college, I'd say I've found myself a pretty good one.
That's where I am now, looking forward to the rest of this new year and aiming to fill it with photo shoots full of everything from pin-up with stockings to ropes and wax... with a good deal of nudity in between. Next up, on the fifteenth, I will spend my entire Saturday outdoors in beautifully tied rope bondage known as "Shibari" against the cold, wet ground and tied to snow-covered tree limbs...

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