In the Cemetery

In the Cemetery
In the Cemetery

Friday, April 8, 2011

Continued Adventures in Candlelight

Due to the rise in popularity of my work with candles as posted on other sites, beautifully captured by RT Photography on numerous occasions, I've finally decided to post a wider selection of it here.

The fact that I am a fetishist and pleasure fiend with an exhibitionist streak makes me very different from a lot of the other models who are out there. Obviously, I am far from the only individual who choses to work with fetish and erotic themes, but I am unique because I take pride and pleasure in my work, and won't work on anything that isn't enjoyable to me. Fortunately, I am interested in a wide variety of things, but my specialties are corsetry, latex, and wax. The tight, smooth textures feel incredible against my skin, and I love to explore new ways to artistically display the things that I love. My hope is that others find them as beautiful as I do.
Concerning wax, specifically, I have been blessed with the great fortune of working with Bob regularly, and wax has become our favorite thing to shoot. I have been used as a human candelabra in a variety of poses, have transformed my breasts into candles twice, and have enjoyed every second of dripping hot wax and the imagery that comes from working with it. Our collaborative efforts with wax from our very first shoot have already paid off with our acceptance to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and hopefully more of our images will be appreciated by viewers, art enthusiasts, and kinky individuals from all walks of life.

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